About the Inspection/Report

A home inspection is an overall assessment of the working components of the home and it is a tool to help you better maintain and operate your home after the purchase.  We will put our experience to work for you, tracking down the components of the home and provide you with a report and reference you can use to protect your investment before, during and after the closing. 

Things you should understand about the inspection

A home inspection is visual. If a problem is concealed under floors, behind walls, under insulation, behind or under owner belongings, or someplace else that we cannot see or access, we cannot report about it.

A home inspection includes only readily accessible areas. Readily accessible means being available for observation without moving personal property, removing covers that are fastened in place, using inspection techniques that may damage property, and taking actions that may risk injuring persons (including the inspector) or damaging property.

A home inspection reports on conditions during the inspection. Conditions change. A system or component that functions during the inspection may fail immediately after the inspection. This is especially true of intermittent deficiencies.

A home inspection includes specific systems and components. Please refer to the Home Inspections page for a description of systems and components included in your home inspection.

A home inspection focuses on finding most major deficiencies. We define a major deficiency as one that may cost more than $1,000 to repair when the repair is made by a qualified, licensed contractor or one that presents a significant threat of bodily injury during normal daily use.

A home inspection reduces, but does not eliminate risk.  Buying and owning a home means assuming the risk that unexpected and costly events will occur. A home inspection is only one part of your risk management strategy along with insurance and regular maintenance. A home inspection reduces, but does not eliminate, your risk that major deficiencies may exist on the property. It also reduces the risk of minor deficiencies, but because we do not focus on minor deficiencies, the risk reduction is much less for minor deficiencies.

We'll be on-site from 2-4 hours depending on the square footage, if the property is occupied or not, and if the client attends.

What We Inspect:

We test every accessible electrical receptacle, door and window. We will check the roof, enter the attic and crawlspace. We check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide. We look at the driveway, the sidewalks, the foundation, the garage, plumbing, the rooms, floors, heater and air-conditioner and a lot more. We literally look at everything.

 We'll e-mail you a detailed report with photos and a summary advising you of the safety and action items you should know about. Click Here to see a sample Report

 Radon Gas Testing: We recommend that all homes get tested for radon. It is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer today. We use continuous monitoring devices to record the hourly levels and have the results in 48 hours. This testing is available for $150.00 

About the inspector and experience:

Associate Member of ASHI

Graduate of the ASHI Home Inspection School 

Member Salt Lake Board of REALTORS®

Licensed as a Utah general contractor since 1999

30 years of residential and commercial remodeling experience