Why Infrared?

Why should you have infrared done on your home? Because its a window into the science of the home, a way to see how the home is working.  Infrared is a picture of the temperature differences of the homes components.  

So if you have a wall and the bottom of the wall is damp or wet, and sitting against the cool earth, this would show up as a darker temperature value indicating the presence of water, which conducts thermal energy better then the wood, drywall or other dry materials around the wet area. Insulation defects can also been seen with infrared images, such as slumped wall insulation, disturbed attic insulation and wet insulation.  Drafty door weather seals, leaking windows and casing trim can be seen as well.  Leaking hot or cool air from ductwork, and other visual understandings of the HVAC system efficiency.    

The Infrared camera is the eyeball that lets the Home inspector see how the building is working.  Experience combined with this imagery allows a more complete interpretation and better understanding of the dynamics at work on the building.

Its not an X-ray view, it’s the surface temperature being seen, and it does have limitations.  Extreme temperature differences make for the most informative images.  So winter or summer will tend to show more dramatic information, but there is almost always information that is helpful.

We offer Infrared inspections with your home inspection or as a stand-alone inspection.   A Top Ten IR inspection looks at the home and we will make at least ten recommendations for ways to save energy around your home.  $175 for homes up to 4500 sq ft. and $200 for homes above 4501 sq ft.